Tim Whitton, Owner/Breeder
Alabama Alapaha Kennels

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs


The Buyer agrees to the following:

1. To send a non-refundable minimum deposit of $500.00 (deposits and payments in cash, money order or paypal preferred). Once you have picked your pup and decide that for any reason you are unable to keep the pup from that particular litter, you forfeit your deposit. If you send an open deposit (an open deposit that has been sent but no pup has been picked yet) and you can’t get or don’t want one from that litter then your deposit can go to the next litter. The remainder of the payment must be paid in full at least 14 days prior to shipping or by cash only on the day the pup is picked up.

2. For any reason you are unable to keep your puppy or adult dog after you have purchased it, you may return him/her to us and we will place him/her in a new home. There is no “Refund” or “Fee” charged for this service.

3. The contract is valid only for the original buyer and dog, it is non-transferable.

4. The dog must not be put down or transferred unless first contacting the seller.

5. To provide lots of love, proper nutrition, routine veterinary care, and training to assure pups well rounded growth. As protection for our pups/adult dogs, if at any time, I the seller find that the dog is being abused or used in/for inhumane purposes, the seller reserves the right to reclaim the pup/adult dog at the buyer’s expense. No refund implied.

6. Seller can ship the pup at the buyer’s expense. The price of the pup will never include the shipping cost. Shipping will always be an extra expense to the buyer.

The price for shipping usually varies from approximately $300.00 within the United States. Crate included. AAK is happy to assist in making shipping arrangements.

7. All dogs produced or sold by Alabama Alapaha Kennels will carry the AAK prefix before any other name on their registration. We also reserve the right to advertise pictures and/or video footage of any dog sold or bred by us.

8. Once the pup leaves AAK and arrives at their new home, owner is responsible for all vet cost.

9.  AAK reserves the right to breed to any breedable male pup produced or sold by us atleast two (2) times at no charge. Any costs (vet bills, shipping, travel, etc.) incurred will be paid by AAK.